Monday, September 7, 2009

beauty procedures plastic surgery risks

The most common beauty procedures on plastic surgery

Below is a list of the most common beauty procedures performed today:
Hair transplantation
Lip enhancement
Breast Reduction
Breast enlargement
forehead lift
Breast Lift
Penis Enlargement
Ear Plastic

Most of them we will cover on separeted articles.

beauty procedures plastic surgery risks

Dangers of beauty procedures on plastic surgery
Although a beauty procedure or a plastic surgery is generally considered a low-risk surgery, there are risks, just like any other surgery. These risks may be partly split between general risks and specific risks. The overall risks are those associated with surgery in general and the specific risks are those that come with a specific plastic surgery. We will cover them later in detail on the information page for each beauty procedure. The general risks of beauty procedure or plastic surgery include bleeding, infection, water retention, skin reactions, necrosis, nerve damage, anesthesia-related risks, and scarring. Make sure your surgeon carefully explains what risks your plastic surgery represents.