Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Innovative Skin Care For The Anti-Aging Rebel In You

Could you imagine being a fly on Aphrodite's wall the morning she found her first gray hair and wrinkle? Hades hath no fury like a like an unhappy diva deity. Or maybe the love goddess never had to deal with the same maladies as her mortal devotees. After all, she was divine; her secret anti-aging weapon was immortality. If we could all be so lucky. The pursuit of beautiful skin and a youthful appearance has been going on before any of those fickle Greek deities set up shop on Mount Olympus.

One popular legend states that sultry Egyptian queen Cleopatra would bathe in mules' milk in order to maintain those enchanting features. Yummy. Unless she had a wagon full of Oreos next to her tub, that just sounds like a waste of some really good milk. But you have to give Cleo props for her innovative skin care ideas. Another fun anti-aging fairy tale involves a little place in China known as Shangri-La, which held the secrets and potions for eternal life and eternal youth. Before you jump on that bandwagon though, picture yourself at eighteen; would you really want to be that way forever?

History is full of men and women who seemed willing to go to every length (and then some) to find anti-aging secrets and innovative skin care treatments. Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon risked his reputation and his life to find the legendary and very mythical Fountain of Youth. He trekked through swamps galore in marshy Florida (obviously before J. Lo moved to Miami) and apparently only discovered angry Indians, malaria, and poisoned arrows. None of which was a very good combination for Ponce.

CollageneLife has been a leader in developing innovative skin care products that include a very special anti-aging formula which works to treat both the cause and the effect of wrinkles on your face and neck. Those who say that there is a science to innovative skin care and preventing signs of aging were not just attempting to sound smart; all cells have fibroblasts…think of it as the framework that holds everything in place. When these bad boys start to buckle and go down within your collagen cells, the outward manifestation are lines and wrinkles.

This very amazing anti-aging gel from the Natural Collagen innovative skin care line is all about rolling up sleeves and applying some elbow grease; Natural Collagen Q5-26 comes in three ground breaking formulas that are each specifically engineered for different types of collagen in your body. Unlike other products on the market, CollageneLife Intl. does not have a "one size fits all" mentality. You and your body all have different needs; there is a company and a product that understands that.

The cajoling between science, beauty, and medicine is not as futile as some would think; these collaborations have led to some rather exciting break-throughs in anti-aging studies that do not necessarily require surgery or swimming in donkey milk. And the world heaves a collective sigh of relief.

CollageneLife has everything you need to bring out the deeply beautiful you. Find out more about the science of Natural Collagen, as well as our other remarkable products by visiting and taking a few minutes to read the information and testimonials for yourself.

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