Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Latino Immigrants to Europe Use Plastic Surgery to Fit In

File under self-hatred a lo Europeo. Plastic surgeons in Spain are reporting a barrage of requests from Central American and South American immigrants wanting to undergo plastic surgery to make themselves look "more European". According to doctors around 2500 immigrants submit themselves to procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and other types of surgery to modify their faces.
"What they want is for people not to recognize them as foreigners and go unnoticed," explains plastic surgeon José María Palacín.
The surgery is said to cost around 5000 euros (around $7800) and 20 Minutos reports that the majority of immigrants that request the surgery are Ecuadorian and Colombians living in Madrid.

This is of course a terrible thing, but it also makes me stop and think: what is happening in Madrid that makes immigrants feel the need to go to these lengths to "go unnoticed"?

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