Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Painless 'Botox' Cosmetic to Deal With Pesky Wrinkles

Painful botox jabs may well be thing of the past! Certain researchers have now invented a "botox cream" which pretty much does the same vanishing trick for wrinkles but with a lot less inconvenience.

Botulinum toxin or botox is injected by cosmetic surgeons to paralyze muscles and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, reports New Scientist.

However, this method can be painful and even cause tissue damage leading to problems such as drooping eyelids.

Now, Robert Nicolosi and Jonathon Edelson from the University of Massachussetts Lowell Nanomanufacturing Center have developed a skin cream that could help you get rid of the problem.

It had been thought that botox could not pass through the skin but the researchers have found that the toxin passes through with ease if it is attached to a nanoparticle in an emulsion.

They claim that the nanoemulsion also keeps the toxin stable, giving the cream a possible shelf life of up to two years.

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